Valentina Vasilatou is a sustainable fashion designer and proud business owner with a conscious ethos, presenting a fine balance between natural beauty and human innovation.


Raised in Greece, surrounded by its stunning natural beauty, Valentina developed a lifelong passion for nature, especially the sea. Her journey into fashion, particularly swimwear, began early, acknowledging both its connection to water and its environmental impact. She recognizes the irony that while swimwear is often worn while enjoying nature, it's also one of the most harmful garments to the environment, from its materials to its usage and disposal.

Studying at Central Saint Martins in London, her vision of a modern progressive fashion brand started to take form. When starting her brand at 26 during the pandemic, she pursued alternative production methods, crafting each piece from recycled plastic waste in collaboration with eco-conscious organizations.

Valentina's brand goes beyond swimwear; it's a statement of purpose. Through her designs, she advocates for fashion as a force for awareness, conservation, and innovation. Inspired by the sea, she creates abstract patterns of sea creatures, introducing new animal prints into the fashion world.

Dedicated to sustainability, Valentina aims to harmonize fashion with nature, emphasizing the importance of balance between progress and preservation. Her goal is to inspire a generation of conscious consumers, proving that fashion can be both beautiful and sustainable, driven by humanity's needs, not just wants.


''For me, sustainability is about finding that delicate balance between progress and preservation, between growth and gratitude.''