Nature itself is her source of inspiration. It’s shapes, its colors, its combinations, it’s secrets, which simply blend harmoniously with natural rules. An asymmetric symmetry. Inspired by nature in a simple and abstract way, the designer creates the depiction of its elements in her printed swimsuit, so that the consumer can also get to know nature’s rich art. 

Imagination, perception and depiction have been accompanying her since age 6, when she first started attending private Art lessons. At age 10, she started observing the fashion world, and designing her own ideas in fashion figures. She is a natural talent, but also a hard worker, proving her skills at her studies at, the most demanding Art university, Central Saint Martins. With a tendency to go conceptually deep, focusing on character build and expression through appearance, her Art experiments covered a wide range of concepts and aesthetics, and became a tool for her skills to grow. Her creations were exhibited at the window display of her university, awarding her costume and clothing making skills. Her desire to express herself through her art, and create her own world, arose the need to expand her practical skills too. She worked at management and production positions in the event planning industry. Essential organizational and planning skills were then built up, preparing her for the creation and running of her own business.
Building her brand was a choice she made when she concluded on the identity she desired to represent as a designer. Her love for Nature’s Art, and her sensitivity for the climate situation, were always growing along with her. Her urge to use fashion as a protest tool for the environment, and as an artistic expression, is her statement. Her main desire is to produce meaningful and unique outcomes, that the consumers can support and cherish, by understanding their importance and their stories. In the need to enhance her knowledge on the field, she took private lessons at Athens Fashion Club, in fashion design, business management and in the textiles industry for sustainable fashion. Her identity is modern and eco-friendly, and her outcomes are a depiction of the art of nature. Her designs are projecting characters and emotions in an elegant but fun and uplifting way. Different women, different characters and different bodies are her muses, essential for the creation of a variety of styles who would meet the aesthetics of several women, so that all can be a part of this fashion revolution.