What are Custom-Made Orders?

Custom-made orders offer a personalized and tailored approach to clothing, catering to your unique needs and style. Unlike ready-to-wear items, custom-made orders allow you to have a direct influence on the design, details, and fit of your garment. It's a collaborative process that results in a one-of-a-kind piece crafted exclusively for you.

Not just a garment; it's a unique VV Conscious experience:

You Envision it:
Explore our custom-made orders by reaching out directly.

You Personalize it:
Make it yours with preferred prints and details.

You Embrace it:
Experience the excitement of a fitting appointment, as your product takes shape on your body, and you become an integral part of the making process.

You Anticipate it:
Anticipate the tailored fulfillment and delivery of your order.

You Cherish it:
Get a unique item, crafted with you in mind.


More information on our Terms of Service, section 5 paragraph 4.
Delivery times may vary for custom orders