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A new Greek swimwear brand, with an artistic approach and eco-conscious fabrics.
This brand cares and protests for the environment through fashion and art.


The art of nature, life under the sea.

We humans, live our lives over the sea, thus we tend to forget the beauty of life under the sea.

In Greek, Avyssos (Abyss) is used to describe the sea. Dark, frightening, mysterious but also inviting, endless and alive. 

At this collection the designer explores some extraordinary species living there. With minimal aesthetics and abstract designs, she delivers unique and artistic prints on her swimwear.

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Our conscious swimwear are here to present alternative ways for fashion production and consumption. 

Our swimwear are made out of recycled and regenerated fabrics, a fabric production technique repurposing plastic waste to new products. 

Eco organizations collect plastic waste from the environment, and send them to fabric factories to be turned into fabric. 

We use the finest quality Italian fabrics, and support Eco organizations so that we can be a part of a better future.

In collaboration with Healthy Seas, a non profit Eco organization, we aim on minimizing humanity's environmental footprint and plastic waste.