Through our art we inform our audience about eco related problems. 

When Summer '21 ended, our brand focused on the Mediterranean Sea, exploring life and interacting with nature. Our interactions with nature inspired us to produce our new collection named Pélagos, after the Ancient Greek word πέλαγος, meaning the smaller sea. 

Pélagos Collection explores the connections between the Caretta Caretta sea turtle, the Medusa Jellyfish, and the Phytoplankton Algae.

Why these three? Because they are all linked to each other. Also, each creature, faces severe problems due to human activities, resulting to the disturbance of the natural balance. 


The inspiration was triggered during Summer '21, by an extreme phenomenon of Jellyfish which occurred on our Greek shores. Most of the Greek island shores were filled with Jellyfish. People were taking them outside the water, as they were feeling uncomfortable to swim with, choosing to let them die in order to solve their problem.

Trying to understand the reasons of this phenomenon, we researched these creatures. The primal reason of Jellyfish’s overpopulation is the increase of Phytoplankton Algae, due to global warming. Phytoplankton are microscopic marine Algae, very crucial for our ecosystem, serving half of the oxygen production in our planet, but also, food for several creatures, including Jellyfish.  

Another equally important reason is the decrease of their predators, the Sea turtles. Sea turtles are endangered because of plastic pollution, and mostly due to plastic bags, that get consumed by them, because they look just like jellyfish, which is their main source of food. Their population numbers have decreased dramatically, and it is now in our hands to act and save them. 

Greece has a close relationship with sea turtles, more specifically with the Caretta Caretta Sea turtle species, which chooses the Greek shores to nest. Do you remember our first Sea Story? It was about a Caretta Caretta Sea turtle which laid eggs at Agios Spyridon Beach, in Porto Rafti, this September. As a brand, to make a meaningful impact, we organized our first beach clean-up campaign at that same beach!  

Now, this story will come to life, through our 'Pélagos Collection'.

We interact with nature, and then produce nature inspired prints.

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