Enjoy our new "Combined Conscious Discounts" and get up to 50% off!


Conscious Discounts

We have created our unique model of Conscious Discounts, which you can apply ANYTIME when contributing to any of our initiatives.

We don't offer Seasonal Discounts, as those are typically used by brands to clear out excess stock. Since we carefully manage our production and create limited collections, we don't have any excess stock to get rid of. However, we still want to provide our customers with the opportunity to purchase our products at discounted prices.

Combined Conscious Discounts

For those of you looking to purchase our products at a more affordable price, now is the perfect time. We are offering our Conscious Discounts of up to 50% through our Combined Conscious Discounts activation.

Use all of our Conscious Discounts options and get your beloved products at a 50% discount!



We are offering you to contribute to eco-initiatives supporting the work of volunteer organisations.

By selecting one of our initiatives, you will get a 10% discount on your chosen product. Click to contribute.


Your opinion matters, thus we want you to write about it.

Receive a 10% discount code as a thank you. Click to review


To increase brand awareness and spread consciousness to others, we have our own Referral Reward program.

You can receive discounts by referring us to your friends and offer a discount as a gift to your friends too. Click to refer

Make sure to use all above Conscious Discounts options to get your beloved products at a 50% discount!


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