A Greek Designer brand, with unique, stylish and sustainable products.
Conscious prints inspired by nature. Conscious fabrics acquired by nature.
Since 2020

This brand cares and protests for the environment through fashion and art.

Synthetic (plastic & nylon) fabric has excellent properties for the purpose for which it is used and thus, is an essential choice. Nevertheless, its production process and its waste, pollute the environment.
The key change that needs to be made, is our evolution into conscious producers and conscious consumers.

Our swimsuits are made out of recycled and regenerated fabrics. An innovative textile production technique repurposing plastic waste to new products.

In collaboration with Healthy Seas, a nonprofit Eco organization, we aim on minimizing our environmental footprint. Healthy Seas collects ghost fishing nets through underwater cleanups and makes sure they are regenerated into brand new nylon yarn, which we use for our swimwear. They work with volunteers in Greece and many other countries around the world, and we support them with 1% of our income of sales.
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The collected nylon nets are first cleaned, then transported to a factory where they are regenerated together with other nylon waste, into the ECONYL® yarn. The yarn is then knitted to produce the fabrics we are using.
We use the finest quality of Italian fabrics, to assure quality and durability. These fabrics are certified by Aquafil and OEKO TEX, for validity and transparency purposes.

We produce our swimwear locally, and we adjust the production volume according to popularity and interest, having an online store and a few Points of Sale to control Stock & Waste. We supply a small stock, but additionally we provide customers the option to express their interest for our out-of-stock items to be reproduced.

In addition, all supplementary items produced, such as accessories and packaging, are ecofriendly (biodegradable, recycled, regenerated or organic) and are accredited by Eco Textiles Certifications.
We provide our products within their complementary pouches but, regarding the additional packaging, we leave the option to the consumer in order to request an additional recycled box. In this way, we eliminate any waste.

Lastly, as fashion has a life cycle and changing trends, we offer recycling or repurposing for your swimsuits. Consumers will be able to return to us the swimwear which they are no longer using, encouraging the minimization of environmental waste.

A conscious consumer is the one who is well-informed and chooses what to buy based on all the factors of a production chain. In order to reassure you and prove that we are taking all those matters seriously, we have official partnerships with several like-minded companies and organizations.
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We want our clients to be able to trust us and share with others, our quality and ethical fundamentals. 

We believe in transparency.