On-demand ordering is the process wherein an item is produced immediately upon placing the order, effectively eliminating deadstock and a significant amount of seasonal waste. This aligns with the 'Slow Fashion' movement, urging you to move away from the ready-to-wear consumption trend.

We internally manufacture all our products, except for swimwear. Currently, the on-demand feature is available for accessories, athleisure, and beachwear collections.

Our new On-demand feature offers a new ordering experience.

You see it 
Products can be on-demand ordered by directly contacting us. Specify your desired product and preferred print from our collections. To view all prints, click here.

You request it:
Your on-demand request will be completed upon payment, initiating the production of your item.

You treasure it:
This is the most exciting part—realizing that our brand dedicates time to create a product especially for you. Read here for the estimated production time.

You expect it:
The order will be fulfilled, dispatched, and soon delivered to you. Learn more about the estimated shipping time here.

You get it:
A consciously made product made exclusively for you, promoting a more customer-oriented approach in fashion.


More information on our Terms of Service, section 5 paragraph 3.
Due to the nature of this service, production and delivery times may vary.