We are looking for a skilled retoucher to work independently on a project basis, three times a week for three hours per day, to deliver fast retouched photos. 

In the upcoming months, our brand will be taking photos three times a week that need to be retouched on a tight schedule. You will receive the photos in the morning and we will require them to be delivered the next day, so that they can be used for content on social media and digital platforms. 

The photo categories will vary, from e-shop images to outdoor campaigns featuring either garments or random people wearing our products. Therefore, we are seeking an individual with a mixed skillset who is knowledgeable in all necessary techniques, but also a fast learner to catch up with new techniques. Some photos may require basic editing while others will require more challenging editing. 

The editing process will be reviewed halfway through each day, so constant communication with the brand is necessary. 

As a small business, we value your contribution and depend on your work. Therefore, we are looking for an individual who is responsible, consistent, fast-paced, and independent. 




  • Retoucher 


Job type  

  • Internship 
  • Project based 
  • Offsite or onsite (Kolonaki Athens, Greece) 
  • Three months duration (with potential of permanent position) 
  • 3 days/week, 3 hours/day 


Daily duties 

  • Communicating with the brand 
  • Planning the editing schedule 
  • Retouching the images 
  • Reviewing with the brand 
  • Making the edits and finishing touches 
  • Delivering the retouched images 

Work experience  

We don't require experience, as we are happy to be the first ones to support your employability and future career. If you are ambitious and hard-working, we will give you this opportunity to work with us. 



Graduate/Student in any of the below fields: 

  • Arts  
  • Fashion 
  • Photography 
  • Marketing 
  • Computer Science 


        All Adobe Creative Cloud, with expertise in Photoshop. 



        • Creative 
        • Time-efficient 
        • Organized 
        • Responsible 
        • Independent 
        • Responsive 
        • Adaptive 


        Send us your CV at  

        Best of luck!