Rinse your swimsuit with fresh water, and never let it dry out with salt on it, as over time it gets damaged. 

The washing ritual should be done effortlessly but also carefully.

Choose to hand-wash your swimsuit instead of using the washing machine. This is because the spin weakens the fabric fibers and your swimsuit loses its original strength. Additionally, microfibers that break from the fabric enter the water ending up polluting the sea.

Hand-wash your swimsuit in cold water with a gentle detergent, soft to the fabric, without any harmful chemicals. We recommend using my Planet liquid detergent. This product is kind to both the swimwear and the environment.

Just fill in the sink with water, add the detergent and mix.
Prepare your swimsuit by untying the knots so that fabric and elastics go back to their original form. Then, submerge the swimsuit into the solution and let it soak for 10 mins. If you spot any stains, gently scrub the areas using your fingers. If the stain is stronger use a soft toothbrush or a plain white cotton cloth for soft scrubbing.

Rinse it well, then dry it up by gently squeezing out the excess water. Be careful not to wring out your swimsuit or treat it in a rough way.

To dry out your swimwear, always lay it flat so that the fabric doesn't stretch. Avoid direct sunlight as the sun might fade the colours of your fabric. For fast drying, use a plain white towel and place your swimsuit on top so that the towel absorbs the water. 

When dry, store it in your organic cotton pouch. Fold it nicely, and make sure that the bra cups are filled in with the rest of the swimsuit so that their shape remains intact.

Tip: These small icons on the labels are always there to remind you of the do's and don'ts.

Do not machine wash.
Hand wash only.
Flat dry.
Do not iron.
Do not bleach.