On November 21st we held our first beach clean-up at Agios Spyridon beach, Porto Rafti, in collaboration with 'Healthy Seas', a non-governmental eco organization and 'Moraitis School'. Our goal was to offer our audience the chance to actively and directly make a positive impact.

The campaign was a great success. All participants, contributed and collected all sorts of plastics found on the seemingly clean beach, but also learned in more detail, problems resulting from plastic pollution. In that way, they could communicate them better and influence others too.

This campaign triggered our inspiration for our Fall/Winter 2021 Collection. Click to read more about the collection.

We want to thank Moraitis School, for co-organizing this important event and giving the participants the opportunity to become more active citizens. Some of the students took the role of scientists, recording small pieces of plastics. This also enabled us to understand that micro plastics play a significant role in plastic pollution, as when they were collected they made up a large amount.
Visit Moraitis School website to read more.

We presented our part and our involvement on the conscious tomorrow. Through our business, we are offering the opportunity for citizens to become more conscious on their consumption choices and way of life. But, also through this campaign, we offered them the opportunity to actively and directly make an impact. Protecting our planet by engaging with plastic.

We invited Healthy Seas to raise awareness about ghost fishing, plastic pollution and the effects on marine life. They presented their work and contribution on cleaning the seas, and also being in the chain of the circular economy solution.
Visit Healthy Seas website to read more.

A great day, thanks to the active participation of everyone involved.
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