Dimitra Pareo - Yellow Boddarti

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Long pareo, with waist band that can be transformed into many styles.
Wear it by wrapping it once around your body, or wrapping it twice and make it look like a skirt.
You can also be creative and send us your cool ideas.
Fabric Composition

Recycled Polyester Muslin (Recycled Polyester 44%, Polyester 56%)

Fabric Features

Recycled Yarn. Resistant to sun cream & oil. See through. Soft.


Do not machine wash.
Hand wash only.
Flat dry.
Do not iron.
Do not bleach.

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This product comes within an eco-friendly pouch, made out of organic cotton, and with straps made out of the leftover swimwear fabric. Use this pouch to store your dry swimwear.


If you desire to receive the product within a branded recycled box, please leave us a note at the relevant section of the shopping cart page.

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