We extend our Green Friday offer on our e-shop too, for all our cyber customers!
Support clothing recycling and receive a large discount as a reward. Virtually donate to Fabric Republic or physically drop off your clothes to one of Recycom's bins.

Find out how BELOW!

  • How to: Physically drop off, if you are in Athens.
    Clear out your closet, pack your unwanted clothes, and drop them off at any Recycom bin around Athens !
    Take a selfie and share it on your Social Media, to inform and influence others too!
    Tag us @vv.consciousswimwear and @recycom, and will then gift you 50% discount as a reward, on our previous, current or future collections.
    Duration : 24hours!

  • How to: Virtually donate, if you are in Athens, or aboard too.
    On our e-shop, click ABOUT > CONSCIOUS WORLD > CONTRIBUTE > add Recycle & Upcycle initiative to your cart, then add the conscious product you want to buy, to automatically receive 25% discount.
    This offer will be part of our constant contribution discounts, so that you can support our initiatives at any time!