In September 2023, Greece experienced a catastrophic natural disaster in the form of deadly floods. These floods not only caused severe environmental damage but also resulted in the loss of homes and personal belongings for many families in the Thessaly region. 

As a socially Conscious Brand and compassionate individuals, after all, we couldn't stand by without taking action to support those in need. In collaboration with George Davlas, we undertook a collective effort to help the affected communities. 

Our initiative aimed to address some of the immediate needs of the children in Volos, Larisa, Trikala and Karditsa. More specifically, we focused our efforts on gathering essential school supplies for nearly 150 children in cities across Thessaly.   

This collaborative effort serves as a statement to the belief that when individuals and organizations come together, they can make a meaningful impact, even in the face of the most challenging circumstances. 

It means the world to us to have contributed to these communities in rebuilding their lives, one step at a time. The journey toward recovery may be long, but with the continued support and goodwill of individuals and organizations alike, we can hope to see these communities rise stronger and recover from this tragedy. 

We remain committed to contributing to society- and the environment - and supporting those in need, as we firmly believe in the importance of standing together in times of crisis and lending a helping hand to those who are most affected. 

Special gratitude to George Davlas, Sotiris Polizos, and Davlas PR Agency for their invaluable support and collaboration.