We are introducing a new option for your product care - our wash pouches.

The wash pouches are used in order to wash your VV product into the washing machine, without the danger of it wringing while spinning.

The washing machine spin can cause fabric to tear and fibers to break, damaging both the VV product and the environment. When the fibers break, they become microfibers are get released into the water system and make their way into the oceans.

When your product is folded nicely and into the wash pouch, water can come trough and clean it perfectly, while the wash bag will be protecting its shape, without stretching it, without weakening the fabric and causing the fibers to break.

This means that your athleisure set, your swimwear products, as well as your accessories, can easily get into the washing machine at last!

Make sure read our step-by-step guide, on how to properly care for your VV products.