A customer-oriented approach towards a more sustainable way of shopping.

Pre-order means that the item is produced as soon as you place the order. This eliminates deadstock and an immense amount of waste seasonally! It is a part of the 'Slow Fashion' movement, and we encourage you to steer away from the trend of the ready-to-wear consumption.

As a reward for your new sustainable shopping habits, we gift you 25% discount on our new Swimwear 22 products! At the same time, we offer 15% discount on our new Beachwear 22 products. Don't miss the chance to make them yours!

This feature travels you to a new ordering experience.

You see it 
At our Pop Up event.

You try it on
With the assistance of our team.

You pre-order it -> and receive your reward discount!
Your request will be completed when you make the payment, and then we will start the production of your item.

You fancy it 
Realizing that our brand will dedicate the time to make this product especially for you. Estimated production time 30-35 days. *For our Beachwear Collection Products, production time is estimated around 15-20 days. Read here more.

You expect it
The order will be fulfilled and you will receive an email to make the rest of the payment and let us know where to deliver it. If you desire, you can also pick it up from our upcoming store, or from one of our Points of Sale. Read here the estimated shipping time.

You get it 
A conscious product made only for you, encouraging a more customer oriented approach in fashion. 


More information on our Terms of Service, section 5.
*Due to the nature of this service, production and delivery times may vary.