Packaging is as important as the product itself. 

A conscious producer should also consider eco-conscious packaging.
A conscious consumer should consider the options provided.


Our products come within an eco-friendly pouch, made out of organic cotton. We selected this fabric because it is eco-friendly certified. We also chose to use the leftovers of our swimwear fabrics as straps, adding a personalized touch, by using the matching color of the relevant swimwear inside the pouch, making sure that every little piece is used and nothing goes to waste.

Use this pouch to store your dry swimwear in your closet, your beach bag, your travel bag, your suitcase or anywhere that you want to keep your swimwear safe.


Moreover, we have created recycled paper branded boxes, for customers who desire to send gifts, or prefer to receive their product within a box. This packaging option comes with no extra cost other than your commitment to re-use or re-purpose it and not throw it away.
In case you desire to receive the product within a branded recycled box, please leave us a note 
in the relevant section at the shopping cart page.  

Be creative and feel free to send us your ways of repurposing the VV Conscious Swimwear box.