Making waves at MadWalk 2023!

In a groundbreaking move, our brand took center stage at the GreenWalk show, showcasing our distinctive products alongside exclusive props crafted from plastic and nylon objects, ingeniously transformed into runway glam.

Each piece represented the pinnacle of sustainable fashion, ingeniously turning discarded plastic bottles, bags, and fishing nets into high-end looks. The stark representation of these objects in our props aimed to confront viewers with the urgent issue of plastic pollution, compelling us all to embrace the principles of reuse, repurpose, and recycle.

MadWalk 2023 served as an unparalleled platform for VV Conscious, providing not only a stage for our designs but also a powerful voice for sustainable and purpose-driven fashion. Our message of positive change resonated strongly with the audience and industry leaders alike.

This significant achievement wouldn't be possible without our amazing collaborators, the steadfast support from the MadWalk team, and the sponsorship from Dei. Their commitment to promoting sustainable fashion in Greece speaks volumes. Featuring our products in this prestigious show is a major step forward, solidifying our position as a leader in the world of conscious and impactful fashion.