We wear our swimsuits in moments of well-being and in close contact with nature. At these moments, we experience joy, which can only exist if there is the environment to place it in. 

Unfortunately, swimwear are made out plastic fabrics, that are harmful to the environment. Plastic fabric has excellent properties for the purpose for which it is used, thus, is an essential choice. But its production process and its waste, pollute the environment. The key change that needs to be made is our evolution into conscious producers and conscious consumers. We do not need to change our habits and deprive ourselves of our comforts, we just need to adapt and to include environmental factors in the criteria of our evolution.

In collaboration with Healthy Seas, a nonprofit Eco organization, we aim on minimizing human's environmental footprint, by collecting plastic bottles that have washed up on the shores, and fishing nets that have remained at the seabed. Healthy Seas, organizes voluntary activities of waste collection from Greek and foreign seas, and we support them with 1% of our income of sales.

We produce our swimsuits locally, and we adjust the production volume according to demand, having an online store and a few points of sale (instore at other brands) to control stock & waste. We provide a small stock, but additionally we provide to consumers the option to ask for our out-of-stock items to be reproduced. 

Lastly, as fashion has a life cycle and changing trends, we offer the recycling or repurposing of our swimsuits. The consumer will be able to return to us the swimwear which she is no longer using, with a profit for the environment to minimize waste, and a profit for herself to have a discount in her next purchase from our brand. 

Our swimsuits are made out of recycled and regenerated fabrics, an innovative textile production technique repurposing plastic waste to new products.    

The collected plastics are sent to Italy, to be melted into microchips, then turned into yarn, and then knitted to produce the recycled and regenerated fabrics we are using. We use the finest quality Italian fabrics, to assure quality and durability, certified by Aquafil and OEKO TEX, for validity and transparency purposes.

In addition, other items produced, such as accessories and packaging, are ecofriendly (biodegradable, recycled, regenerated or organic) and they are certified by OEKO TEX STANDARD and GOTS certifications.

The return of fashion to slow fashion has begun worldwide. The rising trend is the emphasis on quality, smaller productions, and environmental protection. Advocating eco-fashion, and following fashion events proposals, showcasing innovative fabrics and techniques, our products are synonymous to the latest fashion trends.