A conscious consumer is the one who is well-informed and chooses what to buy based on all the factors of a production chain. In order to reassure you and prove that we are taking all those matters seriously, we have official partnerships with the below companies and organizations.


The inventor of ECONYL® regenerated nylon fiber, is a pioneer on the textiles industry. We chose to work with fabrics made out of ECONYL® yarn, in order to provide you with the finest quality of eco conscious fabrics.


Circular fashion helps to protect our planet. We have partnered with a very important eco organization, responsible for the collection of waste from the environment, assisting their work with a 1% of our income of sales. We are proud to say that in our Avyssos collection there is 7,8kg of nylon waste recovered from the environment. This is a very big amount of waste and it is saved only from our first collection. We know that in the future we will play a significant role in raising consumer's eco awareness and cleaning the environment from our actions.

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We are committed to a better future with less waste. That is why, we have partnered with two major Greek recycling and upcycling companies. This way, we offer our consumers the opportunity to recycle/upcycle their old swimwear encouraging the minimization of environmental waste.

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We want our clients to be able to trust us and share with others, our quality and ethical fundamentals. 

We believe in transparency.