Our circular economy business model also includes the eco-friendly way of clothing disposal, and offers you the chance to recycle or upcycle your old clothes.

In collaboration with Recycom and Fabric Republic, we recycle clothes to keep our environment clean from clothing waste and minimize the production of new clothes. 

Here are our two motos, each one applying to your different options.

1. Waste is not waste until you waste it = Recycle
Give us your destroyed clothes, and we will recycle them to other textile products.

2. Dare to Care =  Upcycle
Give us your unwanted clothes, and we will allocate them to people in need.

Choose your way and be rewarded with a 25% discount on our conscious products:

i. Bring your clothes
Pack your clothes and bring them to our Conscious Store, to earn a 25% discount. Use your discount instantly, or keep it as a voucher for a future order.

ii. Contribute to their efforts
Support clothing recycling and upcycling companies, by choosing to contribute and clicking 'Recycle & Upcycle', while shopping at our website, to instantly receive a 25% discount at your order on the checkout page.